Friday, 31 March 2017

Conversation Buying a Present

Shopkeeper: What would you like to see?
Customer: I want a nice watch.

Shopkeeper: Lady’s or gent’s?
Customer: Lady’s watch, please.

Shopkeeper: Please have a look at this showcase. All sorts of lady’s watch are displayed there.
Customer: Thank you. (Looking into the case) Will you please show me the fourth one?

Shopkeeper: Why not? We are here to serve your good self. Here’s your choice.
Customer: How nice! What is the price?

Shopkeeper: Five hundred and eighty rupees.
Customer: Five hundred and eighty! That is too much.

Shopkeeper: Not at all. It’s Swiss made. A genuine watch.
Customer: But I want a cheaper one. Don’t you have one?

Shopkeeper: Why not? Look at this side, this fifth row also.
Customer: Very nice! What make are all these?

Shopkeeper: These are imported from Japan.
Customer: What’s the price of that third one?

Shopkeeper: All these in this row have the same price, rupees four hundred each.
Customer: But Japanese watches are notorious for their poor quality. Is it not true?

Shopkeeper: No need to worry about that. These are not smuggled watches. We sell genuine goods.
Customer: All right, pack this one.

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