Friday, 31 March 2017

Conversation between Master and Servant

Master: Ramu, come here.
Servant (Ramu): Yes, sir.

Master: I have to go to the station.
Servant (Ramu): Any service for me?

Master: Call a taxi.
Servant (Ramu): Where is the taxi stand, sir?

Master: Near the Novelty Cinema.
Servant (Ramu): Wait for a while, sir.

Master: All right, but come soon.
Servant (Ramu): Here is the taxi, sir.

Master: Keep my luggage in the taxi.
Servant (Ramu): Any other service for me.

Master: No, that’s all. Be careful in my absence.
Servant (Ramu): Excuse me sir, but when will you be back?

Master: After fifteen days. Do you want anything?
Servant (Ramu): Well, sir, I… I…

Master: You can tell me frankly. No need to hesitate.
Servant (Ramu): Thank you. May I also come with you?

Master: I see! What work do you have there?
Servant (Ramu): My parents live there. I will meet them.

Master: Really! I did not know that.
Servant (Ramu): Yes sir, thus I will kill two birds with one stone.

Master: How will you do that?
Servant (Ramu): I will be able to help you as well as visit my family.

Master: And here, who will look after when you are gone?
Servant (Ramu): My wife, sir.

Master: In that case, you can come with me. Get ready quickly.
Servant (Ramu): Thank you for your kindness, sir.


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