Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Conversation on the Road

Mitesh: Good morning, Paresh.
Paresh: Good morning, Mitesh.

Mitesh: How do you do?
Paresh: All right, dear.

Mitesh: I learnt that you had been out of Surat.
Paresh: Yes, my sister was unwell.

Mitesh: Where does she live?
Paresh: At Ahmedabad.

Mitesh: When did you come back?
Paresh: Day before yesterday.

Mitesh: Where do you live nowadays?
Paresh: In Navrangpura.

Mitesh: Have you left Vastrapur?
Paresh: Yes, that area is very much congested.

Mitesh: You did well. Who’s book is this?
Paresh: My text-book.

Mitesh: Are you still studying?
Paresh: Yes, of course.

Mitesh: In which year?
Paresh: B. Com. Second year.

Mitesh: That’s very good. Where is your father nowadays?
Paresh: He has been transferred to Surat.

Mitesh: Will you not come to my house?
Paresh: No Mitesh, I had come here for a short time and I want to get back home early.

Mitesh: Let us have a cup of tea in this restaurant.
Paresh: Sorry Mitesh, I will have it next time.

Mitesh: Very well then, no excuses next time. Bye bye.
Paresh: Bye bye.

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