Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Conversation Inquiry about a Patient

Meena: How is your father now?
Padmaja: Better than before.

Meena: Who is treating him?
Padmaja: Dr. Shah.

Meena: What’s his diagnosis?
Padmaja: He says that the liver is not functioning properly.

Meena: Why don’t you take him to the hospital?
Padmaja: He becomes nervous in the name of the hospital.

Meena: How long has he been ill?
Padmaja: For the last two months.

Meena: His face has become very pale. Please consult a specialist.
Padmaja: Father has faith only in Dr. Shah. Faith is sometimes more effective than medicine.

Meena: Has he improved under Dr. Shah’s treat-ment?
Padmaja: Yes, but it will take some time to recover fully.

Meena: Please, let him take enough rest to recoup.
Padmaja: Of course, why not?

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