Sunday, 19 February 2017

Conversation between Doctor and Patient

Patient: Good morning, Doctor!
Doctor: Good morning, what’s wrong?

Patient: I caught cold last night and since then I have been having severe pain in the left part of my chest.
Doctor: Let me examine you. Please lie down.

(The doctor examines the patient with a stethoscope.)

Doctor: Take deep breath.

(Presses the belly.)

Doctor: Is it painful?
Patient: No, Doctor, but I have rather loose motions.

Doctor: We will have to take X-ray of your chest. For the time being, I am prescribing tablets for pain and mixture for digestion. Please do not forget to come tomorrow.

(On the following day, the doctor studies the X-ray carefully.)

Doctor: You have pneumonia in the left side of your chest. You shall have to take injections. In case injections do not suit you, I shall prescribe capsules.

Patient: Oh, I have pneumonia in the left side of my chest?
Doctor: It is perfectly curable disease. Please don’t worry in the least. Continue the treatment and you will be all right soon. 

Patient: I will follow your instructions. Thank you very much.

(After a week)

Patient: Good morning, doctor.
Doctor: Good morning, how are you now?

Patient: Not so good, doctor. I still fill pain on the left side of my chest every now and then.
Doctor: It should not be so. Are you sure about diet.

Patient: I suppose, you did not instruct me about diet.
Doctor: Listen! Avoid cold items as well as very hot. I bet, you will be O.k. on my prescription.

Patient: Thank you doctor.

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