Sunday, 19 February 2017

Conversation at the General Store

Customer: Two cakes of Rexona, Please.
Shopkeeper: Five rupees and eighty paise only. Anything else?

Customer: Five rupees and eighty paise! Why? Don’t you sell at the controlled rates?
Shopkeeper: Sorry, madam. Except in a few commodities, there is no margin of profit at controlled rates. We too are helpless.

Customer: No, this is a lame excuse for overcharging.
Shopkeeper: Absolutely not. I am taking only five paise extra per cake.

Customer: No. I shall not pay even one paise extra. You better charge me the controlled price or else I shall have to report the matter to the authorities.
Shopkeeper: This is improper pressure. But I do not want to displease you. You may pay me at the controlled rates.

Customer: I also want ‘Dalda’ and sugar.
Shopkeeper: Sugar is not available. For ‘Dalda’, you may go to that counter in the queue.

Customer: Could you not somehow help me out of turn?
Shopkeeper: Sorry. I do not think that would be fair to the people in the queue.

Customer: Oh, come on. You can give me under this counter, if you like.
Shopkeeper: Please don’t compel me. Anything more?

Customer: Well, give me one pocket of superior tea and a tin of Cadbury too.
Shopkeeper: Here’s the Cadbury. And which brand of tea?

Customer: Taj Mahal.
Shopkeeper: Anything else, madam.

Customer: Give me a good shampoo also.
Shopkeeper: Which one do you want? Herbal will do?

Customer: What is the price?
Shopkeeper: Sixty-five rupees, but there is a discount five rupees, so please give me sixty rupees.

Customer: That’s all. Give me the bill. You didn’t tell me when will sugar be available?
Shopkeeper: Tuesday is our closed day. On that day we will go to purchase fresh stock. Come any day after that. 

Customer: Thank you very much.

Conversation between Doctor and Patient

Patient: Good morning, Doctor!
Doctor: Good morning, what’s wrong?

Patient: I caught cold last night and since then I have been having severe pain in the left part of my chest.
Doctor: Let me examine you. Please lie down.

(The doctor examines the patient with a stethoscope.)

Doctor: Take deep breath.

(Presses the belly.)

Doctor: Is it painful?
Patient: No, Doctor, but I have rather loose motions.

Doctor: We will have to take X-ray of your chest. For the time being, I am prescribing tablets for pain and mixture for digestion. Please do not forget to come tomorrow.

(On the following day, the doctor studies the X-ray carefully.)

Doctor: You have pneumonia in the left side of your chest. You shall have to take injections. In case injections do not suit you, I shall prescribe capsules.

Patient: Oh, I have pneumonia in the left side of my chest?
Doctor: It is perfectly curable disease. Please don’t worry in the least. Continue the treatment and you will be all right soon. 

Patient: I will follow your instructions. Thank you very much.

(After a week)

Patient: Good morning, doctor.
Doctor: Good morning, how are you now?

Patient: Not so good, doctor. I still fill pain on the left side of my chest every now and then.
Doctor: It should not be so. Are you sure about diet.

Patient: I suppose, you did not instruct me about diet.
Doctor: Listen! Avoid cold items as well as very hot. I bet, you will be O.k. on my prescription.

Patient: Thank you doctor.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Conversation Inquiry about a Patient

Meena: How is your father now?
Padmaja: Better than before.

Meena: Who is treating him?
Padmaja: Dr. Shah.

Meena: What’s his diagnosis?
Padmaja: He says that the liver is not functioning properly.

Meena: Why don’t you take him to the hospital?
Padmaja: He becomes nervous in the name of the hospital.

Meena: How long has he been ill?
Padmaja: For the last two months.

Meena: His face has become very pale. Please consult a specialist.
Padmaja: Father has faith only in Dr. Shah. Faith is sometimes more effective than medicine.

Meena: Has he improved under Dr. Shah’s treat-ment?
Padmaja: Yes, but it will take some time to recover fully.

Meena: Please, let him take enough rest to recoup.
Padmaja: Of course, why not?

Conversation on the Road

Mitesh: Good morning, Paresh.
Paresh: Good morning, Mitesh.

Mitesh: How do you do?
Paresh: All right, dear.

Mitesh: I learnt that you had been out of Surat.
Paresh: Yes, my sister was unwell.

Mitesh: Where does she live?
Paresh: At Ahmedabad.

Mitesh: When did you come back?
Paresh: Day before yesterday.

Mitesh: Where do you live nowadays?
Paresh: In Navrangpura.

Mitesh: Have you left Vastrapur?
Paresh: Yes, that area is very much congested.

Mitesh: You did well. Who’s book is this?
Paresh: My text-book.

Mitesh: Are you still studying?
Paresh: Yes, of course.

Mitesh: In which year?
Paresh: B. Com. Second year.

Mitesh: That’s very good. Where is your father nowadays?
Paresh: He has been transferred to Surat.

Mitesh: Will you not come to my house?
Paresh: No Mitesh, I had come here for a short time and I want to get back home early.

Mitesh: Let us have a cup of tea in this restaurant.
Paresh: Sorry Mitesh, I will have it next time.

Mitesh: Very well then, no excuses next time. Bye bye.
Paresh: Bye bye.