Monday, 1 August 2016

Paragraph writing in English language

Write a paragraph of about 75 words on any of the following:

1) The life of policeman:
Points: (What he wears? – What he carries? – How he control the traffic? – What other jobs he does? How is his life?)

2) My visit to a fruit-stall:
Points: (Where do you find a fruit-stall? – the kind of fruit you find –  what colours they are? – How they are arranged? – expiries) 

3) The festival I like most:
Points: (your favorite festival – in which month you celebrate it for how many days the festival lasts – the New Year day)

4) A visit To a Modern Village:
Points: (Name of the village – population – occupation – different facities – cleanliness – use of Science in farming)

5) Diwali – My Favourite Festival:
Point: (When does it come preparations before and buring the festival – how people enjoy it – brings goodwill and happiness festival of lights)

6) My Favourite Sportsman:
Points: (Name – native place – game – qualities – records contribution to the nation – why you like him best wishes for him)

7) My visit to a Science fair:
Points: (Place visit participants arrangement charts models graphs experiments interesting useful reasons for liking your impression)

8) My Visit to a Hill-Station:
Points: (where did you go? – With whom? – When and how did you reach there? – Where did you stay? – How long did you stay there? – What did you see and enjoy there? – how did you like the place?)

9) A Hospital nurse:
Points: (Familiar – her uniform her work in the hospital her hard life how she treats the patients)

10) My Ideal Teacher:
Points: (why you call him ideal – his good qualities – his interest in every pupil)

11) A Visit to a Bank:
Points: (why and when did you visit it? – What did you see there? – Whom did you meet there? – what did you do there?)

12) My Favourite Teacher:
Points: (his name – dress and appearance – his nature – good qualities – how he teaches – you like him)

13) A Visit to Zoo:
Points: (when did you visit? – With whom? – Which animals and birds did you see? – how did you enjoy?)

14) Our Class Picnic:
Points: (Name of the place where you went with whom and when? – How did you go? – Enjoyment during the journey. How did you enjoy?)

15) My Favourite Festival:
Points: (which is your favourite festival? – Why? – When does it come? – Do you make any preparation is advance? – How do you celebrate the festival?)

16) The Festival of Navratri:
Points: (The festival of days and nights – Durga Pooja – Gujarati folk dance “Garba” – decorations – grounds – circular dance – till late night – boys, girls, women take part with enthusiasm – your feelings)

17) The life of a soldier:
Points: (What does he wear? – What does he carry with him? – What jobs does he do? – What kind of job is it? – How is he useful to us and our country? – Do you fell I sorry for him? – Why?)

18) A Visit to a Dam:
Points: (When? – With whom? – Iron gates – great height – length – regulate the flow turbines – irrigation – importance)

19) On the Bank of the Narmada:
Points: (Length – Width – depth how many state it passes through temples and inns on the banks a holy river pure water dam under construction sense of moral life develops)

20) My Visit to an Air-port:
Points: (Purpose companion building structure air traffic working people pilot’s cleanliness)

21) A Traffic Police man:
Points: (A familiar figure – dress – duty – hours – duty place – highway – cross roads – helpful – his importance)

22) A Coolie:
Points: (Rightly called the ‘beast of burden’ – in rags – heavily loaded – low income – only labour – poor life)

23) Rath-Yatra:
Points: (A fixed day – most of the cities have a procession – a religious procession – elephants – tractors – trucks – cars – the rath of Load Jagdish in front – pulled by devotees – shouting of ‘Jay Jagdish’ common – sometimes turns into communal riots)

24) You’re Visit to a Bank:
Points: (Building – staff – counters – big books – accounts – saving bank – fixed deposits – cheque books – busy persons – useful visit)

25) A Visit to a Museum:
Points: (Different sections – coins, clothes, weapons – models – paintings – India during entry period – Mughal period and British period – history before our eyes – informative – educative)

26) The Tiger:
Points: (National animal – wild – found in jungles – appearance – colour – food – very less in the world)

27) A Public Garden:
Points: (Place – its beauty – plants – trees – fountain – birds – scene in the evening – people and their activities)

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