Monday, 1 August 2016

Letter writing in English language

One of your friends is very poor. He is very clever but is in no position to carry on his studies as he has no money to buy books and pay fees. Write a letter to your father asking for help for him….
Points: (What is his condition? – Is he helpful to you? – Does he really need help? – Does he deserve it? – Is the help badly needed?)
June 8, 2016
38, Spring Field,
Near Lad Society,

Dear Father,
  I am extremely sorry not to reply any of your three letter. These days I am busy preparing for the first test. But today I am writing you this letter for a special purpose.
  I have a good friend named Nandu. He is very clever. He is always stands first in our class. He helps me a lot in my studies. He is very ambitious. He has a great desire to become an engineer but his condition is very poor. His father is a postman. These are six members is his family. The teacher asks him for his fees very strictly. He feels very much ashamed. He cannot buy even books and notebooks. He has to give up his studies I feel great pity for him. Can we be of any help to him? If you think so, please send me some money soon so that he can pay his fees and buy his books. He will be very much obliged to you if he gets this timely help. I hope my dear papa will not refuse this proposal.
  My best regards to you and dear mummy. Does Nisarg remember me? Tell him to drop me a letter.
Yours thankfully,

1) Write a letter to your friend what you intend to do in summer vacation.
Points: (Period of vacation – where to go? – How long to stay? – hill station with friends – how you will enjoy?)

2) Write a letter to your elder brother telling him why the result of your terminal examination is poor.
Points: (What happened at the time of your examination? – now was your preparation?)

3) Write a letter to your father how your school celebrated 50th anniversary of independence.
Points: (Day – date – activities – decoration in the school – rally – lectures about anniversary – your feelings)

4) Write a letter to your father about your kind act of service.
Points: (What is your kind act? – Whim did you help? How? – Whose help did you take? – How were you praised and how did you feel?)

5) Write a letter to your youngest brother who has failed in his first term examination.
Points: (He has failed in one subject – Advise him to work hard and regularly – He must keep the company of clever students – Advise him not to worry)

6) Write a letter to your friend Vikram telling him how you collected relief funds in your society for flood affected area.
Points: (How did you from a letter fund committee? – Who became your committee chair person? – How did you collect funds? – To whom was the amount so collected sent?)

7) Meena, from ‘Sahkar’ Ram Park, Sama Road, Mumbai, writes a letter to her friend, Sonia about her Plan to visit Lakshadweep Islands after S.S.C. Examination.
Points: (Time – her company – days – by air – natural scenes – people – water – sports – Imagine that you are Vimal Patel, Resident of M.G. Road, Subhash Society, Jamnagar)

8) Write a letter to your pen friend in America describing to him how you become an expert cycle repairer at an early age.
Points: (Inspiration and help from the parents – buying a handbook and necessary tools – getting mastery over the skill soon – attending the customers – popularity job besides study)

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