Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Conversation with a Student

Guest paid a visit and began to mix up with the child.

Guest: What is your name?
Student: Sanjay Mehta.

Guest: What do you do, Sanjay?
Student: I study, uncle.

Guest: In which class are you?
Student: Seventh.

Guest: In which school do you study?
Student: Delhi Public School.

Guest: How long have you been studying in this school?
Student: For the last two years.

Guest: How far is the school from your house?
Student: Nearly two and a half kilometers.

Guest: When does your school start?
Student: At ten in the morning.

Guest: When do you start from your home?
Student: I don’t go walking.

Guest: Do you go by bus?
Student: Yes, uncle.

Guest: How many students are there in your school?
Student: About nine hundred.

Guest: Which subject do you like the most?
Student: I like history best of all subjects.

Guest: What is your favourite game?
Student: Hockey, uncle.

Guest: What is your hobby?
Student: Stamp collecting.

Guest: Good bye, Sanjay! 

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