Friday, 12 August 2016

Conversation Between Mother and Son

Mother: Why did you get up so early today?
Son: Today I have my paper/exam mummy.

Mother: When will you go?
Son: At nine. What have you cooked today?

Mother: I will cook now. Tell me what you would like?
Son: Any dish which could be prepared quickly. 

Mother: Will Paranthas do?
Son: Paranthas cause constipation.

Mother: The curd is also ready.
Son: No mummy, cook some green leafy vegetable.

Mother: Now you suggest.
Son: Spinach and paneer.

Mother: Right. Anything else?
Son: Some sweet dish too.

Mother: Will you like carrot halwa?
Son: No, it will take long to cook. Kheer will do.

Mother: But the milk is not enough.
Son: Well, leave it. I will have sugar and curd.

Mother: Did you take out your clothes at night?
Son: Yes, I did.

Mother: It’s getting late. You first take a bath.
Son: First of all, shoes are to be polished.

Mother: Did you not do that yesterday?
Son: Yes, I did. Today I have to go to University Campus.

Mother: You’ll just waste time in shoe-polishing.
Son: No, mummy, many friends will meet me today.

Mother: Well, get ready. I go to kitchen.
Son: I have taken bath, mother. Lay the table.

Mother: Table is already laid.
Son: Coming, mummy.

Mother: Did you pray to God?
Son: Yes, mummy.

Mother: Very good. Read the paper carefully. Finish it in time and don’t forget to revise it before handling it to the teacher. 
Son: My good mummy! Bless me. I am going.

Mother: May God help you!

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