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Indefinite Articles Table

Indefinite Articles 'A' And 'An'
To Remember
'A/An' is used before Singular Countable Noun. A Noun which can be counted.
An Artist,
A doctor,
A boy,
A dog,
An umbrella
'A/An' is used before singular noun. It is not used before plural noun.
A book' is correct, 'a books' is incorrect as word 'books' is plural.
'A/An' is not used before proper noun, but when it is unknown for the speaker, 'A/An' is used.
This book is written by a Mukesh Ailawadi.
(Here Ailawadi is an unknown person for the speaker)
'A/An' is used after what, such in exclamatory sentences.
What a scene,
What a lovely boy,
Such a big hall.
'A/An' is used when someone is introduced by features or personality of important/famous persons.
He is a Dara Singh of our colony,
She is a Hitler,
She is a Lata Mangeshkar of our college.
'A/An' is used before a verb which is used as a noun in a sentence.
We go for a walk daily,
We had a long discussion,
She wants to have a bath.
'A/An' is used after words -many/rather/quite/such, if it come before singular noun.
Many a times,
quite an easy question,
such an intelligent boy,
rather a lovely place
If Adjective comes before singular noun, then 'A/An' is used before Adjective.
She is a beautiful girl,
He is not a good person,
He is an intelligent boy,
She is an honest minister.
Before a singular noun which refers to a class of things.
An orange is rich in vitamins,
A dog is an animal,
A parrot is a bird,
I am a journalist,
She is an Indian.
'A/An' is used for certain expressions of quantity and numbers.
A lot of things,
A few samples,
A couple of days,
A hundred rupee note,
A million dollar question.
'A/An' is used before professions.
She is a teacher.
He is an engineer.
He is a manager.
Ram is an MP.

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