Saturday, 11 June 2016

Definite Articles Table

Definite Article 'The'
To Remember
Things of Nature or Unique
The Sun,
The sky,
The earth
But 'The' is not used before Hell, Heaven, God, Parliament.
Directions (if preposition comes before it)
The sun rises in the east.
East or West, India is the best.
The names of Rivers, oceans, seas, hills, lakes, dams, trains, ships, deserts
The Ganga,
The Shatabdi Express,
The Himalayas,
The Bhakhra dam,
The Sahara desert,
The Arabian sea,
The Indian ocean etc.
The names of newspapers, magazine, religious books.
The Gita,
The Indian Express,
The India Today,
The Guardian,
The New York Times
The names of historical buildings, public places, religious places.
The Taj Mahal,
The Golden Temple,
The zoo.
The singular noun which represents the whole of its class.
The dog is a faithful animal.
The Proper noun which is used as a Common noun.
He is the Rustam of Japan.
The name of organization of workshop, factory, party, bank.
The Congress,
The state bank of India.
Historical events
The battle of Panipat.
Big posts
The President,
The Prime Minister,
The Director
Words -evening, morning, afternoon (if words - last, next or every, is not coming before it)
In the evening,
In the morning,
Last evening,
Every morning.
Superlative Degree
The greatest,
The most,
The fastest
Comparative Degree (if 'than' is not used before it)
She is the wiser of the two.
She is wiser than Suman.
The older he grew, the worse he became.
The Common noun which has already been mentioned or which is already known.
There was a fox.
The fox was hungry.
I know the man who came here last night.
Proper noun for making it plural.
The Guptas,
The Greens,
The Sharmas,
The Smiths,
The Browns
The Adjectives which is used as noun.
The rich,
The brave,
The poor.
The dates
Today is the 3rd of December.
After words 'All & Both' and before words 'Whole & Same')
All the boys,
Both the girls,
The whole class,
The same shirt.
The thing which is specific or particular
That is the house.
The girl standing in the first row.
Community, castes
The English,
The Hindus,
The French
Normally 'The' is not used before the name of any country or person. But such countries which are united, 'The' is used before their name.
The UK,
The USA,
The UAE.
Use 'The' with clauses introduced by only
The only day,
The only person,
The only tea
The Hotels
The Taj Hotel,
The Hilton,
The Golden Lion

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