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Simple Present Tense

Present Tense:

 Present Tense
Simple Present Tense
Present Continuous Tense
Present Perfect Tense

Simple Present Tense: Simple present tense is used when we want to denote the action which we do daily?

Simple Present = use of V1
Simple Present Tense
First Person
I eat (do)
We eat (do)
Second Person
You eat (do)
You eat (do)
Third Person
He eats (does)
They eat (do)
She eats (does)
It eats (does)

  • In general, in the third person we add 'S' in the third person singular.
  • Not used of am / is / are in Simple present tense.

Positive: (1) Sub + V1
                (2) He / she / it / name / V1 + s / es (go-goes)
Negative: Sub + Do / Does (he, she, it) + not + V1
Interrogative: Do / Does + sub + V1 + obj?
Nag. Int.: Do / Does + not + sub + V1 + obj? 

  1. I like Grilled Sandwich.
  2. He plays chess daily.
  • If 3rd person singular (He, she, it) comes as a subject – (e) s is added to the simple form of the verb.
  • When a verb ends with “ y “ and there is a consonant before it, the “ y “ changes into “  i “ then the letter “ es “ is added.
 cry – cries, dry – dries
  • When a verb ends with “y “, and there is a vowel before it, we simply add the letter “s “ to the verb.
enjoy – enjoys, obey – obeys


में हर महिने बोम्बे जाता हुँ ।
Positive: I go to Mumbai every month.
Negative: I don’t go to Mumbai every month.
Interrogative: Do I go to Mumbai every month?
Neg. Int.: Don’t I go to Mumbai every month?

राधा चार भाषा बोलती है ।
Positive: Radha speaks four languages.
Negative: Radha doesn’t speak four languages.
Interrogative: Does Radha speak four languages?
Neg. Int.: Doesn’t Radha speak four languages?

सोनु लीखती है ।
Positive: Sonu writes.
Negative: Sonu doesn’t write.
Interrogative: Does sonu write?
Neg. Int.: Doesn’t sonu write?

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